Improved water treatment plant Malni

Friday’s official opening of the renovated water treatment plant Malni signifies the conclusion of one of the largest infrastructural projects in Slovenia in the last few years.

Improved water treatment plant Malni

This 41 million Euro worth project for the supply of drinking water in the sub-basin of the Ljubljanica river comprised the construction of ca. 62 km of pipelines, 6 water reservoirs, 4 pumping/repumping stations, 2 water catchments, 2 water treatment plants with ultra-filtration, 1 flow cell and 1 regulation facility in the area of the Postojna and Pivka municipalities. The basic aim of the project was to ensure the proper infrastructure for a seamless drinking water supply and a more efficient use of drinking water.

Last year, the water treatment plant Korotan was released into use, where we also participated to the same extent as in the just now officially open water treatment plant Malni. Experts from Kolektor Sisteh have also participated in the reconstruction of the existing water treatment plant with our new water treatment technology and CNS system.

We implemented state-of-the-art ultra-filtration technology in the water treatment plant Malni, including the supply, assembly, start-up and trial run of operations. We installed pumps with a total capacity of 150 l/s into the catchment.

The water treatment plant Malni was a complex energetic challenge for us, due to the significant height difference of 210 m between the catchment and the reservoir for further distribution. The updating of the plant also included automation and the implementation of a control system for monitoring the operations of the plant, as well as monitoring and managing the entire water distribution system with reservoirs, deweight systems, pumping stations and measurement shafts (telemetry). With the implementation of a central monitoring system we enabled our client to efficiently manage the entire water distribution system, including all accompanying facilities.


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